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  • November Catch Up

    November Catch Up

    It was certainly a busy month so lets go through the highlights! On November 9th my bear magnets and stickers came in! The Milky Way Bear magnet turned out a lot smaller than I expected but the design is still beautiful and the Grizzly Family sticker looks awesome! On November 11th Honey Suckle Crafts […]

  • ❄️Christmas and Seasons Greetings Cards ❄️

    ❄️Christmas and Seasons Greetings Cards ❄️

    This year I have eight card designs, five of which are from last year because I had lot’s of cards left over from last year. I have about the similar amount of cards with the exception of the Slug being the most popular last year and the Raccoons this year haven’t been touched yet! I […]

  • ✨Limited Edition✨ Seasons Greetings Cards + bonus items 🐻🌌

    ✨Limited Edition✨ Seasons Greetings Cards + bonus items 🐻🌌

    Just arrived hot of the press ✨ limited edition ✨Inspired by the Ursa Project Society. $2.00 of each and every card is donated to the Ursa Project Society. You can get yours here on my website or at these upcoming markets: November 19 at The Royal 12-4,December 2 at The Royal 12-4,December 9th at the […]

  • Square Up!

    Square Up!

    I recently purchased a Square Reader for contactless and chip transactions! I no longer have to turn away people and hope that they might use my business card for more than scrap paper in their bag. It was only about $75.00 and was very easy to set up! I chose to input all of my […]

  • Two specially designed cards!

    Two specially designed cards!

    Recently I made two quite special cards, I would assume when someone hears cards they think Christmas or birthday but these ones are different. I don’t express it often on my art accounts but I am a big fan of Pokémon and Magic the Gathering. A little while ago I went to see Five Alarm […]

  • October Catch Up

    October Catch Up

    October was still quite busy but I had less markets… only 3! Oct 7th I was a vendor at Cottonwood Falls Farmers Market and it was very very cold and it didn’t get sunny till about noon. This time I was closer to the entrance but that didn’t do much in terms of traffic for […]

  • September Catch Up

    September Catch Up

    Well it would appear I forgot to keep my website updated on all the activities I’ve been up to so this time I will do it by month! September 2nd I was a vendor at a Winlaw Art Show! It was such a sunny and gorgeous day, I ended up selling 5/6 colouring books I […]

  • My Artwalk opening night experience!

    My Artwalk opening night experience!

    The Artwalk location I have my artwork at is Booksmyth in Nelson BC. I shared the location with Kimberley Hyatt, . My artwork is displayed amongst the books and on the sides of bookshelves. Along with some stickers and bookmarks I was selling as well Opening night was super busy and I only ended […]

  • 🎨 35th Annual Art Walk 🚶‍♀️

    🎨 35th Annual Art Walk 🚶‍♀️

    A fully in-person experience featuring local artists, performers, and venues in 2023. ArtWalk is an annual tradition that has united businesses, artists, and community members for over three decades. The event populates unique venues with quality, locally produced artwork which draws traffic to local businesses and increases the visibility of Nelson and area artists. ArtWalk’s […]

  • Are monsters hiding under your bed?

    Are monsters hiding under your bed?

    Recently I took part in a gallery show called Monsters under the bed at . I entered 3 monsters to the show. Alas none sold but they did get to go for an adventure out of the house! I wanted to do a bit of a spin and paint what monsters might be afraid […]

  • A little bit of catch up!

    A little bit of catch up!

    I have had a lot of cool experience’s lately but I haven’t been posting on here so this will be a semi organized info dump. In February I was part of the Polka Dot Dragon Lantern Festival. My installation was a Fairy Ring made out of cloth, metal hangers, wood and paint. I added glow […]

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  • 🌄Stickers & Magnets🌄

    🌄Stickers & Magnets🌄

    Baby and medium sized Jackalope stickers along with Explore stickers and magnets! All of the stickers are weather resistant and dishwasher safe. The magnets can be used on cars , fridges and everywhere in between! All stickers and magnets are from

  • 👁Hidden eyes & unseen things👁

    👁Hidden eyes & unseen things👁

    Each painting took me a couple days to complete. The painting on the left has 13 hidden eyes not including the geese. The painting on the right has 11 hidden eyes. I think the colour combinations are splendid and I can’t wait to do another painting.

  • 📻Radio interview!📻

    📻Radio interview!📻

    A couple weeks ago I did a interview with Dennis Walker from myeastkootenaynow radio station. I didn’t realize that the article had come out till my friend sent me the link! I was incredibly nervous to do the interview but it went quite smoothly. Nelson artists releases all-ages colouring book in Indigenous languages

  • 🖍Colouring book in use! 🖍

    🖍Colouring book in use! 🖍

    I’m glad they enjoyed the books!

  • 🎁Stocking stuffers! Christmas cards! And more!

    🎁Stocking stuffers! Christmas cards! And more!

    It is beginning to turn into Christmas season and that means its time to sign and send off cards, buy presents and find little doodads for stockings. Well I’ve got you covered from a great colouring book (for all ages) to bookmarks and magnets! With a couple fun things to be found inbetween!

  • Mushling Magnets with a Friend are now available!

    My wonderful friend and co worker made these cute little crochet mushrooms and I made the magnets to pair with them! You can find Aloria on instagram at These guys are just in time for Christmas but I personally think they’d be great for any season!

  • 🏛 Kootenay Crate Co. 📦

    🏛 Kootenay Crate Co. 📦

    My Christmas Cards can now be found at Kootenay Crate Co. and at Touchstones Museum! Go check them out, both stores are in downtown Nelson BC. If your not local, take a noodle into the shop section of my site and the Christmas Cards can also be found there!

  • 🍄Mushlings are coming back! 🍄

    🍄Mushlings are coming back! 🍄

    Mushling magnets are coming back but this time with a friend. They will be limited so be on the look out and if they are a hit then we can come back again for round three. These ones will not have a write up on the back but each will have names and their names […]

  • 😊Recent orders off of the website!😊

    😊Recent orders off of the website!😊

    In the past 2 weeks I have filled and sent/ delivered 5 orders! That’s super exciting☺️ In the past 3 months, 9 books have also been sold online and 5 in person. 📚

  • 🍴New sticker designs!🍴

    🍴New sticker designs!🍴

    Is life too short for shitty forks? I don’t know you tell me, because I don’t mind eating with a bent fork. “Take these forks I don’t like them they are too big and chunky” Is what my mom said while she was helping me pack. She then stated that life is too short for […]

  • 🌈Pride Stickers 2024 🌈

    The Pride stickers arrived and somehow I ordered the wrong size … again. I will not be ordering full size ones unless these ones sell out as I simply can’t afford that. This year I made 4 new Pride Mushling ! We have Aroace, Lesbian, Pansexual and Genderfluid. Each one has its own little saying […]

  • December Catch Up

    December was quite Low Key in regards to my business and a bit more busy in my personal life. December 2nd I vended at the Sunday Market at the Royal on Baker St, I was pleasantly surprised that all of my items fit onto the table provided! My boyfriend helped me set up and at […]