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My Artwalk opening night experience!

The Artwalk location I have my artwork at is Booksmyth in Nelson BC. I shared the location with Kimberley Hyatt, .

My artwork is displayed amongst the books and on the sides of bookshelves. Along with some stickers and bookmarks I was selling as well

Opening night was super busy and I only ended up getting one photo (see below image, I am posing with a piece that sold). It was really exciting to explain my art process and inspirations but I definitely did not expect to see so many people come out! So a big Thank You to everyone that came out and supported Artwalk 2023! ❤️

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🎨 35th Annual Art Walk 🚶‍♀️

A fully in-person experience featuring local artists, performers, and venues in 2023. ArtWalk is an annual tradition that has united businesses, artists, and community members for over three decades. The event populates unique venues with quality, locally produced artwork which draws traffic to local businesses and increases the visibility of Nelson and area artists.

ArtWalk’s two opening nights (Saturday, June 24th and Saturday, August 5th) will showcase participating artists at their venues alongside a collection of street performances and other delights throughout Nelson’s downtown core from 6 – 9 pm. A new set of artists will have their work on display at each opening. After the openings, art will be available to view at the participating venues during their regular hours until Sunday, September 10th.

I am pleased to say that I will be part of this years ArtWalk! I will be at the June 24th opening at Booksmyth, so come on down and say hi. I will have 5 pieces from a series I have been doing using buildings in Nelson and 3 pieces from a previous gallery show.

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A little bit of catch up!

I have had a lot of cool experience’s lately but I haven’t been posting on here so this will be a semi organized info dump.

In February I was part of the Polka Dot Dragon Lantern Festival. My installation was a Fairy Ring made out of cloth, metal hangers, wood and paint. I added glow in the dark paint on the caps in hope it would glow in the dark… it kinda worked.

On March 18th the Touchstones 2023 Members Show opened and I had the great opportunity of having my art in the show!

On March 24th I noticed that Otterbook Store put my book in the display window! Butterflies and a happy dance is what that brought on!

At the end of March I dropped off some new colouring pages at Main Street Diner! Apparently a kid complained about getting the same design two times in a row… Obviously time for new colouring pages!

All the while during March I was rushing to make some art pieces on canvas to apply to the Art Walk 2023!

🥳 SPOILERS🥳 I got into the Art Walk 2023 and I am beyond excited!! more updates to come…

At the end of April Cowans Office Supplies purchased 10 books from me and now they are on display in the store!

I have started to design Mushroom Cards, they can be used as greeting, birthday, or just a hello card. and my friend Magnificent Monsters ( on Instagram ) have made some awesome additions to my waterbottle ! please go check them out.

May 6th I attended the first market of the season at the NDYC. Magnificent Monsters ( on Instagram ) and I shared a table and I also had a few of my cousins cards and prints Tiger Tuesday ( on Instagram ).

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🍄Mushlings are coming back! 🍄

Mushling magnets are coming back but this time with a friend. They will be limited so be on the look out and if they are a hit then we can come back again for round three. These ones will not have a write up on the back but each will have names and their names meaning on the back. The “friend” is being made by my friend who does crocheting! Take a peak at her awesome work while we finish up the mushlings.

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🍄New products! 🍄

Introducing these little mushlings magnets!

I was painting the other night but the colour wasn’t turning out how I wanted so instead I cut the paper up into rectangles and drew some mushrooms. Each little mushling has a little write up about them! They also have magnets on the back and can be seen chilling on a old saw in my yard for these photos. *only 13 are available*